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Contact Us

Contact us by phone, E-mail or Fax, if we can be of service. Please ask for information about our company, our products and about the outstanding business opportunities we offer resellers. You will discover very recognizable, high visibility product lines that inherently, even without additional advertising, make a strong statement and exercise a great appeal to the ultimate buyer... and ultimately increase your profitability.

We supply Skin & Oral Care, Men's Grooming & Shave, Personal Wash & Deodorant products to  markets both nationally as well as  internationally from two warehouse locations.  Please feel free to contact us at either location.

If you have any questions about our products, availability and ordering, or are interested in joining our reseller family please contact us.

You can also place orders by Phone or by Fax.

To apply for credit, please print, complete and fax the Credit Application Form, or simply complete the form on-line and press SUBMIT to send it to us. We will contact you promptly.






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