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Dry skin Lotion, Eczema Treatment Reviews on WebMD - Dermasil


55-64 Female

At first I was leery about buying anything cheap especially stuff you put on your skin. I bought this Dermasil hand lotion for $1 and I thought to myself, i can give it a try and if it doesn't work, I just wasted my $1. I am truly amazed how great this product is. My skin is so dry and when I applied this on, it quickly absorbed the lotion without feeling greasy. It is soft and the smell is mild, not too over powering like those you buy at Bath and Body store. I have not tried the face day and night moisturizer yet but I can't wait to try it. I highly recommend this product. No need to pay $90 for a Lancome moisturizer when this works even better - and it's only $1! Hey, I can buy 90 bottles and I'll probably die before I used them all up!

Polly67 - Female

Wonderful product! I buy this at Dollar Tree for a buck! It's the  greatest lotion! I have systemic lupus, and it doesn't bother my rash  at all, it helps it. I pick up a few bottles every time I'm at the  store in case they decide to discontinue carrying it. Try it! For $1,  you can't go wrong! :) -

Dry Skin Advanced Treatment - DermasilMizzkitty, 35-44 Female

Absorbs quickly no greasy feeling its delicious to use will keep buying I suffer from dry skin psoriasis and this is great for soft soothing relief i love it!! got it at the dollar store too

Jackie, 25-34 Female

I had eczema so badly on my face, everything I put on my face burned like crazy! I finally tried Dermasil and it was like putting water on the fire. My skin looks better than really moisturizes without clogging pores. I also bough a bar of Dermasil soap to cleanse my face, it cleanses well without ANY drying. I highly recommend it.

Jovernita, 45-54 Female


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